We are: Heritage, Art, Upcycling and Sustainability

HAUSTAGE is the first "Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Design Boutique" in Asia.
HAUS means house in German. The four letters of H, A, U and S are split to mean Heritage (traditional culture), Art, Upcycling, and Sustainability,  to provide a stage for brands of the above four concepts, and the 8 English words of H, A, U, S plus TAGE form HAUSTAGE.
We are committed to select sustainable and designed fashion accessories, lifestyle, healthy beauty and light diet from all over the world, with three design platforms – Design Nordic, Design Japan and Design Asia, to bring the most unique life experience to customers who pursue a sustainable lifestyle.


HAUSTAGE是全亞洲首間 「綠色時尚及生活設計館」。
HAUSTAGE 品牌核心價值為「傳‧藝‧再‧續」,HAUS在德文是房子的意思,將H、A、U、S四個字母分拆意思是Heritage(傳統文化)、Art(藝術)、Upcycling(升級再造)及Sustainability(可持續發展),其品牌為以上四個概念的產品提供一個STAGE(平台),將H、A、U、S加上TAGE這8個英文字組成HAUSTAGE。
我們致力從世界各地搜羅可持續又富有設計感的時尚飾物、生活品味、健康美妝及輕飲食,當中的可持續設計分為 Design Nordic、Design Japan 和 Design Asia 三大類別,為追求可持續生活方式的顧客帶來最獨特的精品。